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Fighting convention

Fighting Convention


Convention is a way in which something is usually done. What’s funny about the word though is that the way something is usually done is constantly changing. Nothing really stays the same, ever. When I look in the mirror I don’t see that 16 year old kid anymore but a grown man with children and a business helping America become more energy and financially independent.


One of the challenges we in the solar business have to face is aesthetic convention. Some people do not want to see solar panels on their front roof. Yet some people who have fought convention to put solar on their front roofs now actually find them beautiful and that they add to the look of the home.


Step back and take a look at your roof. Most roofs are big, black and boring. Solar adds a modern, sleek and sophisticated look to your roof. It tells everyone that I’m conscious of my energy. It tells everyone that I’m ahead of the curve. It also actually protects the roof adding longevity to the asphalt shingles. So not only is it cool but it is functional outside of saving you a ton of money on your energy bills.


If you want to see how solar will look on your roof let us know. We can superimpose a solar system and show you exactly how it will look. I’ll better you’ll be excited!

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