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The Price of energy

The Price of energy

The Price of energy is a very complicated and politically motivated scenario. When talking about electricity what we really have to discuss is what generates the power first. In the US, most of our electricity is derived from coal, natural gas, nuclear power and hydro. Two out of the four energy sources are non-renewable. Non-renewable means these sources will eventually be depleted to the point where they are no longer viable to extract.


What most folks misunderstand about fossil fuel based energy sources is that we will never run out of them. The reason we will never run out of them is because eventually it will take more energy to extract them then worth the effort. For instance once it takes 1 gallon of gas to extract the equivalent energy then it doesn’t make sense to drill or extract any longer.

For heating and transportation we have to add in oil, propane and gas to the energy mix. All of the above energy sources come with lots and lots of baggage. There are government incentives, political games, foreign affair power struggles and environmental issues. A gallon of gas really costs much, much more than the current $3.59/gallon.

Some experts say we are close to what is called Peak Oil, other experts say otherwise. No matter who are correct eventually the above scenario will happen. When you reach the bottom of the peanut butter jar there is no more peanut butter. That’s a simple fact.


Nuclear and Hydro are not fossil fuel based energy sources. Although nuclear energy is derived from an extracted product, we are looking in terms of years and not thousands of years before we are in that other crisis. Obviously both of these energy sources have their pros and cons. Nuclear much more than hydro. We will talk about these sources in a later blog though.


The point of this blog is that the Sun is there for us every single day. It has no political connections, no environmental impact, no government can regulate or tax it (yet?). It is clean and wholesome and beautiful.


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