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Commercial – Solar Heating

Free Energy from the Sun

A solar heating system may be one of the smartest investments you can make for your business. Commercial solar heating systems offer significant benefits like:


•    Utility savings
•    Tax Credits and State Incentives
•    Increased property value
•    Green corporate image
•    Accelerated depreciation

How does a solar heating system work?
A solar heating system uses the same principle as a solar thermal system for domestic hot water needs. The Sun’s energy is captured via roof or ground-mounted collectors. As the sun’s energy heats a non-toxic anti-freeze glycol solution in the solar collectors, the heat is transferred via highly insulated pipes into a solar storage tank and/or into an underground geothermal loop field.


The number of collectors is determined by the heating needs. The larger the facility and less efficient, the more collectors needed. As with any heating applications, the efficiency of the structure determines the effectiveness of the heating system. A solar heating system will work much better in a well insulated structure with minimal air leakage.


Allura Solar utilizes a solar thermal / geothermal hybrid technology for our solar heating applications.  With hybrid technology, the efficiency of the system increases and generates enough heat for both hot water usage and heating.


This 100% renewable energy solar heating system will provide all of your heating needs and has a payback in 5-8 years for many systems. Additionally, the quality of the heat from solar heating is much more comfortable than traditional heating systems and is virtually maintenance free. Plus, you eliminate fossil fuel combustion and the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Utility Savings

Solar heating systems can eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels. Rising energy prices have prompted many businesses to seek relief in solar energy. With a range of options and a one-time investment, solar heating systems provide remarkable savings and ROI. For many businesses a solar heating system’s payback can be 5-7 years for a system that will last over 30.


Business owners and facility managers are continually under pressure to reduce operating costs and boost the bottom line. According to the US Department of Energy , more than 20% of business energy costs could be cut by investing in renewable solar thermal technology.


The commercial cost of a therm of natural gas has risen from $0.72 in 1980 to $1.60 in 2011. As energy rates continue to rise, companies are looking to solar thermal systems as the solution to hedge against rising energy costs.


By tapping into the renewable power of the sun for heat, businesses can significantly reduce operating costs and add to the bottom line.


Tax Credits and State Incentives

Federal and state government incentives are available to encourage clean energy in a green business economy. Businesses investing in solar technologies can receive a 30% federal tax credit on installed solar systems.


Under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS), businesses may recover investments in solar thermal systems through depreciation deductions over a five year period. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 extended a 50% bonus depreciation provision for qualifying systems.


Additionally, NY State has a special commercial solar thermal program that offers up to $25,000 for certain businesses that install solar thermal systems.


Increased Property Value

When a company installs solar thermal technology on its property, the value of the property will increase without affecting the property tax assessment for 15 years.


Greener Corporate Image

The increasing complexity of the global business environment, rising energy costs, and swelling compliance challenges are driving a major focus on green initiatives for many companies. Green organizations cite corporate social responsibility and a competitive advantage as the main drivers for their green initiatives.


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