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Solar Hot Water

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Free Energy from the Sun

Solar hot water, also known as solar thermal, is the most efficient form of capturing the Sun’s energy and also the most cost effective.


Educated consumers know that solar hot water is a smart energy choice when installing solar. With the highest efficiency and many times, the quickest payback, solar hot water alleviates the long-term stress of volatile energy price increases and helps level-out home budgets.


Allura Solar installs solar hot water systems to generate hot water for domestic use like bathing and dishwashing. Up to 30% of a home’s energy costs are associated with heating hot water. A solar hot water system is usually designed to alleviate up to 80% of these energy costs, making payback on a solar hot water system as quick as 3-5 years.


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How does a solar hot water system work?
For most homes, we install two to four solar collectors and a 70 to 120-gallon solar storage tank. These collectors can be mounted on a roof or on the ground. As the sun’s energy warms heating fluid in the solar panels, the heat is transferred via highly insulated pipes into your solar storage tank. The storage tank is then plumbed into your existing plumbing system providing hot water for your appliances, baths and faucets. Your current water heating system continues to serve as backup for snowstorms or extended rainy periods or we can run an electric element in the solar storage tank for backup and eliminate your existing hot water system.


How much does a solar hot water system cost?
Solar hot water systems are the most cost-effective solar systems. Unlike expensive solar PV, solar hot water systems cost on average $3,000 to $5,000 after incentives and tax credits.

But isn’t NY too cold for solar?

Not at all. Just think of your car sitting in the Sun on a cold winter’s day. It could be 10 degrees outside but the inside of your car is warm. Now if that car were insulated it would feel even warmer. The same concept is how solar hot water systems work.


Even if the Sun is not out, a solar hot water system will still generate significant heat on cloudy days.


In fact, solar radiation will even pass threw several inches of snow. The heat generated through the snow will then help melt the snow off the collectors.

How long will the solar hot water system last?

The life expectancy on a solar hot water system is 30+ years and has virtually no maintenance.

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