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Solar Electric, commonly known as solar photovoltaic or PV, is capturing the Sun’s energy to produce electricity for onsite consumption or to send back to the utility company for a credit.


As a home owner you know how frustrating it is to keep seeing your electric bills go up. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to produce your own electricity and stop paying that ever increasing bill? An Allura Solar solar electric system can do just that.


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How does a solar electric system work?

The technology and process for installation is relatively simple. As long as your house has enough open roof space (pitched or flat roof) or open ground space, and minimal shading a solar electric system is a smart choice. A series of panels are installed on the roof or ground. This series of panels, called an array, is then tied into your current electric service. A meter, called a net-meter, is then installed. This net-meter spins both forwards when using more power than the solar electric system is generating and backwards when producing more power than the home is calling for. If enough power is sent back to the grid because the home has not used it, this power is then deemed a credit. The credits are then drawn on at night, say when the solar is off.    


How much does a solar PV system cost?

Costs vary based on system size. System sizes vary either on allowable usable space and/or current or projected needs. Typical out of pocket costs for a conservative family runs approximately $8,000* and has a payback period of about 6 years (including inflation).

*Based on a standard roof mount with asphalt shingles. 


But does solar PV work in upstate NY?

Yes, in fact solar electric systems are actually more efficient at colder temperatures. When Allura Solar designs a solar electric system we use 30 years of weather data. Our report will show very close to actual production so there is no question as to if it works.


How long will the solar hot water system last?

Panels are warranted for 25 years but the life expectancy on a solar electric system is 30+ years and has no maintenance.


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