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Using the Sun to heat a home is not a new concept; many ancient civilizations used solar heating to heat their premises. Solar heating is capturing the Sun’s energy with solar heating hot water collectors, also known as solar thermal collectors and distributing that energy throughout the house and/or storing it for later use.


Educated consumers know that solar heating is an excellent investment for your future.  With the ever-rising costs of fossil fuel-based heating systems, solar heating systems are just a smart choice.


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*Did you know that not only will our solar hybrid system heat your home and hot water but can also cool your house in the summer?


How does a solar heating system work?
A solar heating system uses the same principle as a solar thermal system for domestic hot water needs. The Sun’s energy is captured via roof or ground-mounted collectors. As the sun’s energy heats a non-toxic anti-freeze glycol solution in the solar collectors, the heat is transferred via highly insulated pipes into a solar storage tank and/or into an underground geothermal loop field.


The number of collectors is determined by the home’s heating needs. The larger the home and less efficient, the more collectors needed. As with any home heating application, the efficiency of the structure determines the effectiveness of the heating system. A solar heating system will work much better in a well insulated home with minimal air leakage.


Before we would install a solar heating system at your home, we would first perform a whole house energy audit. This audit will determine your home’s current R-value of insulation and check for air leaks.


Allura Solar utilizes a solar thermal / geothermal hybrid technology for our solar heating applications. Heating a home 100% with the Sun is very difficult. But with hybrid technology, the efficiency of the system increases and generates enough heat for both domestic hot water usage and home heating.


This 100% renewable energy solar heating system will provide all of your heating needs and has a payback in 5-8 years for most systems. Additionally, the quality of the heat from solar heating is much more comfortable than traditional heating systems and is virtually maintenance free. Plus, you eliminate fossil fuel combustion in your home and the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.


How much does a solar heating system cost?
Solar heating systems not only save you thousands of dollars a year on fuel costs but also are usually less expensive to install than high efficiency fossil fuel heating systems. For many homes, for less than $20,000 you can have a solar heating system installed that will have a payback in 5-8 years (based on a 5% increase in energy prices). These systems will save you tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs and have a life expectancy of 30+ years.


But isn’t NY too cold for solar?
Not at all. Just think of your car sitting in the Sun on a cold winter’s day. It could be 10 degrees outside but the inside of your car is warm. Now if that car were insulated it would feel even warmer. The same concept is how solar heating systems work.


Even if the Sun is not out, a solar heating system will still generate heat on cloudy days.


In fact, solar radiation will even pass threw several inches of snow. The heat generated through the snow will then help melt the snow off the collectors.


How long will the solar heating system last?
The life expectancy on a solar heating system is 30+ years and has virtually no maintenance.


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