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Free Energy from the Sun

Would you like to be swimming by May and not close the pool until October? A solar pool heating system can make that a reality and for a fraction of the cost of the energy spent on a fossil fuel pool heater.  


Allura Solar specializes in solar thermal, solar heating and solar PV systems. Educated consumers know that solar is a smart energy choice. With the high efficiency and quick paybacks, solar alleviates the long-term stress of volatile energy price increases and helps level-out home budgets.


How does a solar pool heating system work?

A solar pool heating system uses the same principle as a solar thermal system for domestic hot water needs. The Sun’s heat is captured via roof or ground-mounted collectors. This heat is then transferred directly into the pool, heating the water to 85+ degrees in only a few sunny days.


The system comes with its own thermostat so you can set the temperature for your specific comfort. A solar pool heating system works so well that you can actually reverse the flow during the night to cool down the water if the temperature gets too high.


How much does a solar pool heating system cost?

Solar pool heating systems are the best way to heat your pool because the fuel is FREE!. Once installed you will never have another fuel cost associated to the pool.  And the best part is that Solar pool heating systems usually cost less than a fossil fuel pool heater. Costs vary depending on the size of the pool but can range from $1,500 – $5,000.


How long will the solar pool heating system last?

The life expectancy on a solar pool heating system is 20+ years and has virtually no maintenance.


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