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Allura Solar is a locally-owned, full service solar design and installation company. We specialize in solar thermal, solar heating and solar PV systems. Educated consumers know that solar is a smart energy choice for alleviating the long‐term stress of volatile energy price increases.


Allura Solar is both a certified NYSERDA solar thermal and solar PV installer. We are also NABCEP certified for both solar thermal and solar PV. NABCEP is national certification for solar thermal and solar PV installations. We handle all state, local and utility paperwork, design and install your system, warranty your system and provide any needed service after installation.


Allura Solar started out as a water treatment company called Near Perfect Water. In business for over 9 years, Near Perfect Water has installed 500+ systems. From water treatment systems we diversified into solar thermal hot water systems, solar heating systems and then solar PV systems. This depth of experience is what we offer to make sure you are fully satisfied with our quality and service. Near Perfect Water is now a division of Allura Solar and still offers water treatment and filtration services to residential and commercial customers.


As a solar installer, our first goal is to educate you on your options, whether it is solar thermal, solar thermal for space heating, solar PV or even using solar thermal to heat your pool. Our second and most important goal is to enable you to save money and help the environment by harnessing the power of the sun for your home or business.


Experience, quality and customer service are what you will find when working with Allura Solar for your solar thermal hot water, solar heating, solar PV and solar pool heating needs. To back up this claim just ask The Home Depot and Curtis Lumber.


Allura Solar/Near Perfect Water is an authorized Home Depot company.


Allura Solar is also Curtis Lumber’s official solar installer. If companies as big as The Home Depot and Curtis Lumber have trust in Allura Solar, then rest assured your experience with us will be exceptional.



Company Culture

Allura Solar’s offices participate in our local recycling program and seek to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.


Investing in Solar

A solar system is an excellent investment for your home or business. With an average double-digit TAX FREE ROI (return on investment), a solar thermal, solar heating or solar PV system is a sound financial move.


As an investment for our planet’s well being, a solar thermal, solar heating or solar PV system is one of the best options to lower your carbon footprint.


No matter what side you may be on in terms of global climate change, deep well drilling for oil, hydrofracking or mid-east military conflicts, most will agree that solar, although not a panacea, is a viable option for energy security.


Choose the right partner in Allura Solar, Today’s Smart Energy Choice.

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