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Allura Solar is now an authorized SunPower dealer

October 22nd, 2011

Allura Solar is very excited to share with our customers and future customers that The Home Depot has recently chosen us to become one of their authorized partner companies. Allura Solar's roots started out as a water treatment company over 7 years ago under the name Near Perfect Water. Today, Near Perfect Water is a division of Allura Solar. Near Perfect Water offers specialized water treatment services for residential and commercial buildings that have hard water, sulfer, iron or bacteria problems. The Home Depot offers the highest quality and most advanced water treatment equipment with their Kinetico Water Systems. As Home Depot's authorized partner to install and support these systems, Near Perfect Water can offer our customers our usual exceptional service but now with the most advanced and trusted equipment available. You may be asking yourself, what does water treatment have to do with solar though? There is a direct correlation between quality of water and system longevity for solar thermal hot water systems. The less contaminants in the water a home or building has the less scale build up within water appliances (like our solar thermal heat exchanger and tanks). A solar thermal hot water system should last 30+ years. At Allura Solar we take the extra step to make sure that is the case. In many instances this means installing a water treatment system as part of our solar installs to stand behind our commitment.

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