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Solar Hot Water vs. Solar PV

Which one should I install?

That depends.

Allura Solar is a full service solar installer. When we come into a home we assess which system will offer the quickest payback and offer the greatest benefits for our customers. For many folks who use propane or oil, solar thermal makes much more sense. For families using natural gas and that have high electric bills, then solar PV usually becomes our recommendation.


A typical solar thermal system will costs significantly less than a solar PV system, it has a much higher efficiency and uses much less space on your roof and, in many instances, offsets oil or gas, which is better than offsetting electricity in terms of carbon savings. But many times the electric usage is very high in a home and after consulting with a homeowner, it sometimes makes more sense to tackle the electric bill first with solar PV. Many solar customers who install solar thermal go on to installing solar PV later on and visa versa.


There are also times that we will come into a home or business and our recommendation is to not do solar at all. If someone has 30 year old single pane windows or no insulation in the attic or any other glaring inefficient energy problem, we will recommend they find solutions to those issues first. Yes, we don’t make a sale but we felt like we did the right thing and when that customer is ready in the future we hope they will come to us for their solar needs.


If you would like us to assess your home or business for either solar thermal, solar heating or solar PV then please give us a call or fill out our contact form.



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